Dec 2018

Would Free College Work?

For anyone who has studied economics, like this humble author, the notion that there is no such thing as a free lunch is pounded into students from day one. Everything costs something such as money or time or effort, and nothing is ever free. However, being free as in costing no money is what people […]

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Nov 2018

Free college education

The dispute over making education free rages. The idea has its supporters and its opponents; those who are for it get into arguments about rich and poor and issues of equal opportunity. Those against talk about free college as being a welfare benefit combined with the idea that poorer Americans would be the people paying […]

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Oct 2018

Free College Tuition Abroad

With the high cost of college, many students are seeking the lower tuition of foreign countries that offer courses in English. Many countries in Europe have free or low-cost tuition, and these places are just a few examples of where people can go to college and not break the bank. Sometimes it’s not even college […]

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Oct 2018

The Pros and Cons of Tuition-Free College

College is an expensive endeavor for most if not all students, with the debate over free colleges and or making them less of a colossal expense being a heated issue that many people still argue about today. There are pros and cons to every issue, and tuition-free college is one that has both in spades. […]

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Aug 2018

A European-centric view of tertiary education

With the exception of the UK, which is shortly leaving the European Union anyway, many European countries offer education a no-cost or little cost to the student. It is an approach which creates a split between many people but recently New York got on board with the idea, albeit in a limited way. As long […]

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