Free College Tuition Abroad

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With the high cost of college, many students are seeking the lower tuition of foreign countries that offer courses in English. Many countries in Europe have free or low-cost tuition, and these places are just a few examples of where people can go to college and not break the bank.

Sometimes it’s not even college that is free, but some governments also pay for some portion of education themselves from preschool to college, while others pay for college entirely and give students a clean slate for when they are ready to go into the outside world.


The only money that most French students have to pay is for basic fees for the cost of living, which includes healthcare. This allows them to study what they want and make greater advances in their careers, without a pile of debt at the end of the rainbow awaiting them.

Foreign students can also join in, as many courses are offered in English for a couple hundred dollars extra, and France continues to make its education cheaper.

However, most students do have to take on jobs to pay for housing and food, and because of this, some students stay in their studies longer than those students who have support for payment by family members.


Germany allows students to attend public universities for free, and many programs are offered in English, proving that an American student with no knowledge of the German language can succeed in that environment.

In addition, the content covered in German courses and schools, when compared to the more expensive Ivy League schools in the U.S, was about the same. So any foreign student in Germany will be getting the same education at a significantly lower cost.


While Sweden does have a high standard of living when compared to most schools, students working towards research degrees get free tuition. Books are about the only things that are paid for, and if a student works a side job they can take a little while to figure out the type of course that they want to do.

It does take a little longer to graduate from Sweden, especially if they want to decide what majors they want to pursue, but taking it slow does improve their quality of life by quite a bit. Just be mindful of the high standard of living and budget accordingly.

Traveling abroad

While traveling abroad does have its own expenses, challenges, and hurdles to overcome, at least access to free education will not be one of them.  Understanding what it will take to travel abroad as a foreign student can help with making the correct decisions, as things like rent and the standard of living will still be applied.

Once the correct country for a student’s specific situation can be selected, then life with a free college education and all of its benefits can be achieved, ensuring that every student has access to free and quality learning to help them succeed in their fields.

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